While our home page gives you a good outline as to what our site encompasses we want to expand upon this and give you a clearer picture as to why we thought a website like this would be of value. It is true that the internet is a wealth of information on any subject, including art. However, we felt there is still room for another site that is passionate about this topic. Art plays such an essential part in the lives of many; therefore, there can never be enough information about it.


When first beginning to take a closer look at what art is about it means that the first topic of importance for many may be the styles. This is just one aspect of art that makes it so intriguing. Two painters could paint the same subject yet have a completely different rendering simply because of their style. Style alone can be the deciding factor for a potential purchaser of a piece of art. For those who are new to art, the post we have dedicated to style will give a much clearer understanding as to what the most popular styles are.

The Famous

Quite often, what draws new art lovers into the world of art is those paintings that have reached a level of fame. These are the paintings that everyone has talked about over the many years since they were created. They are often the paintings that first led their creators into the level of fame that they are still recognised for in the world of art today. It is astounding to think that paintings that were created so many years ago would still be so revered in today’s modern world. But, then again, that is the magic of art. Some of it has no time frame for its popularity.

The Value

Every piece of art that is created has some value to it. Even if it is only that which is placed upon it by the artist themselves. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one piece of art may mean to one may not mean the same to another. There are many art pieces that have had a hefty price tag placed upon them. It is not always the works that have been passed down through the years either. As part of what we wanted to offer here on our website, we want to bring some attention to the prices that art can sell for. We have focused on the sales of the 21st century. We did this because we want to show aspiring artists that there are some very good chances to earn a good price for their works.

All too often, new artists get discouraged when they are not able to get a good price to their paintings. We intend to give them some hope by showing some examples. Art is a competitive business, but no artist can hope to be successful at sales unless they are ready to commit to pursuing their dreams.

Art Displays

Finally, we wanted to show a prime example of where art can be displayed in today’s world where it can be real attention grabbers. By explaining in detail the reason we wanted to create this site, it is done with the hopes that it will create a new appreciation of art within you.