Paintings in Casinos

Creatives have always been attracted to gambling. This explains why many artists ventured into painting casino-themed pieces, and they have done quite memorable work. These intricate pieces capture different feelings, emotions and the general feel of being in a casino. Some are just meant to calm people and make them feel good when gambling; since the game has many highs[Read More…]

Record-Breaking Paintings Sold in the 21st Century

For those who have been eagerly following the art industry, it is evident that quality pieces fetch a high price. But if you are not privy to the world of art, some of the record sale prices might make your jaws unhinge in awe. Can you imagine selling or buying a piece of art for $100 million? You should be[Read More…]

Paintings Which Have Stood the Test of Time

The art of painting dates back to ancient human civilisation. History has it, that early artists went as far as applying ochre and charcoal on cave walls to draw animals. Art, in other words, is a part of human existence. With technological advances and human civilisations, the nature of paintings has been evolving considerably. Many pictures have been described over[Read More…]

A Closer Look at Popular Painting Style

Both the 19th and 20th centuries ushered amazing developments in painting. Technological advances, changes in social demographics, world events, politics, or philosophies are believed to have inspired some of these changes. Whether you love art or you are aspiring to be an artist, you cannot afford to ignore the works of artists that came before. And since you can have[Read More…]