Creatives have always been attracted to gambling. This explains why many artists ventured into painting casino-themed pieces, and they have done quite memorable work. These intricate pieces capture different feelings, emotions and the general feel of being in a casino. Some are just meant to calm people and make them feel good when gambling; since the game has many highs and lows. Casinos that have art are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Notable Casino-Themed Pieces

Some of the notable pieces that have been done include:

  • Men on String Chair (by Lucien Freud)

This portrait is considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces of the 20th century. It is said that the painter was addicted to gambling and would sometimes paint photos for casinos and individuals to pay off the debts he had incurred from gambling. Since he was known in the gambling field, most of his paintings were used in casinos.

  • Dogs Playing Poker (by Cassius Marcellus)

If you are a regular visitor, you have probably seen paintings of dogs playing poker in the casino that you visit. This concept was first developed by Marcellus, and it has been recreated several times. Use of art in casinos is not restricted to physical locations. Even online platforms such as have been making their websites more interactive and beautiful through the use of art and paintings.

  • Nightlife (Michael Godard)

This painter has done several paintings that depict the life of a gambler in Las Vegas. His work revolved around the vibrant life that defines casinos in Las Vegas. He focused on both representations of gambling – the highs and the lows.

  • Card Players (Paul Cezzane)

When Paul started painting, most people ignored his work, thinking it is below par. Ironically, the younger generation has greatly accepted his paintings, especially the ones he did on a group of people playing cards. It does not necessarily show gambling since there are no wagers at the table, but it has been adopted by several casinos as a great piece of art.

Why Casinos Have Art Pieces

  • To support artists: Some casinos have it within their mandate that they will hang or use art pieces from upcoming artists as a way to support them. Some also use their walls as a place where artists can hang their pieces for sale. Since casinos get a lot of visitors, it works well for them.
  • To improve the ambience: For a long time, casinos were known to be dingy places where people smoked and played without a care of how their surrounding looks like. The new and improved look makes casinos more welcoming and classy. Some casinos even put good music to complement the ambience.
  • To release stress: Gambling has many highs and lows. There will be moments when punters go on a winning spree, but these will also be punctuated with a series of losses that may be hard to take in. Having paintings around is a strategic way to calm people down when they start feeling low. That is why paintings that are found in casinos are likely to be colourful and bright.
  • Boost loyalty: Art speaks a universal language that unites people. A casino that has art is likely to attract more people, and they will keep coming back, sometimes just to admire the artwork. Casinos that promote art from different artists will also get more visitors

Generally, both casinos and those that work off the net are improving their image by adding little details such as paintings and music. Even if you do not win a game, you will have the pleasure of seeing very beautiful paintings.