For those who have been eagerly following the art industry, it is evident that quality pieces fetch a high price. But if you are not privy to the world of art, some of the record sale prices might make your jaws unhinge in awe. Can you imagine selling or buying a piece of art for $100 million? You should be prepared to part with close to this figure for you to own one of the following paintings.

No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock

It is easy to mistake Jackson Pollock’s No.5, 1948 painting for a senseless splatter of paint. As much as you might not find it to be aesthetically appealing, this painting carries a rich history worth millions of dollars. As of May 2006, this picture was worth $140 million, a true mark of quality as far as the abstract expressionist movement is concerned and a vital marker of the birth of “action painting.”

Woman III by Willem de Kooning

Woman III is the work of famous expressionist artist Willem de Kooning. This is one of his six paintings done between 1951 and 1953. In its early years, this painting attracted all manner of controversies due to the unusual depiction of female nudity at the time. Notably, de Kooning paints an entirely different picture of a woman away from the idealisation of women as the new heroines. Despite strict rules from the government on paintings and what they depict, this painting was sold to David Geffen in 1994. In November 2006, David Geffen traded it to Steve A. Cohen for $137.5 million, making it one of the truly most expensive pieces of art ever sold.

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

The Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, painted by Gustav Klimt, was completed in 1907. Adel Bloch-Bauer was the first person ever that Klimt painted twice, and for a good reason; she was one of his distinguished mistresses. The Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I paints an accurate picture of the influence of Egyptian art on Klimt’s art. It is worth noting that this picture took Klimt three years to complete. This painting marked the height of Klimt’s glorified career. Reports claim that this artwork was sold in June 2006 for $135 million, making it the most expensive piece of art at that time.

Garcon a la Pipe by Pablo Picasso

A masterpiece painted by Pablo Picasso in 1905, Garcon a la Pipe features a young Parisian boy holding a pipe. This painting is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most stunning pieces from Picasso depicting an adolescent. True to its beauty, this piece of art was first sold to John Hay Whitney for $30,000 in 1950. It was not until 2004, when this painting was sold at $104 million at an auction in New York, making it the first painting to pass the $100 million mark. Although it is not entirely clear who bought it, reports have it, that Guido Barilla was the buyer.

There are many reasons why these pieces of art keep attracting record-breaking price tags. Besides the beauty and place of these paintings in history, classic pieces of art are often a preserve of the rich and very influential in society. Also, the constant appreciation of famous artworks makes them a form of investment for the rich.